Edward Packard
Biographical Note

Edward Packard was born in Huntington, New York in 1931. He is a graduate of Princeton University and Columbia Law School and holds an honorary degree of Doctor of Humane Letters from Hofstra University. He conceived of the idea and wrote what became the prototype book for Bantam's classic Choose Your Own Adventure® series. He subsequently wrote many other books in the series and conceived of the idea and wrote the prototype for three other interactive series, Space Hawks and Escape, both published by Bantam, and Earth Inspectors, published by McGraw Hill, and for a detective series, E.S.P. McGee, published by Avon. The six books in his Space Hawks series, dealing with Earth's defense against space aliens, were published in mainland China in 2004 in conjunction with China's first manned space mission.

Packard’s nonfiction book about the size and scale of space and time, titled Imagining the Universe, published by Perigee Books in 1994, was cited by National Public Radio as one of the best science books of the year and won a Scientific American Young Readers Book Award. His educational math book, Big Numbers, published by Millbrook in 2000, was cited by Newsweek as one of the best children's books of the year.

In June, 2010, Simon & Schuster, inc., in conjunction with Expanded Apps, Inc., began publishing U-Ventures® –– books from the classic Choose Your Own Adventure® series, written, adapted, revised, and expanded by Packard for downloading from the App Store at iTunes. Since then, Simon & Schuster has published three U-Ventures in print form, Return to the Cave of Time, Through the Black Hole, and Forbidden Castle.

The first edition of Packard's self-published book, All It Takes –- The Three Keys to Making Wise Decisions and Not Making Stupid Ones –– was released March 2011 and a second edition in 2014. His self-published novel, Notes from the Afterlife, was released in June 2013, and a children's picture book, The Good and Bad Dragon, in February 2014. He is presently working on a comptuter game version of a book drawn from his Escape series.