Edward Packard

April 11, 2014

The political season is heating up looking toward federal and state elections this fall and primary battles leading up to them. This year more than ever "heating up" means dollars piling up and the funneling of them into advertising supporting or attacking candidates and political positions.

There's equality of free speech in this country, but thanks to Supreme Court rulings in recent years, for some it's become much more equal than for others. 

E. J. Dionne wrote in the April 7 Washington Post, "It’s a shame that the Republican majority on the Supreme Court doesn’t know the difference between an oligarchy and a democratic republic." What's an even greater shame is that they almost surely do. All five of them are very smart and very worldly men. How could they not understand that letting billionaires set up organizations to channel millions and millions of dollars for  advertising and events targeting dozens and dozens of campaigns across the country isn't  securing the exericise of free speech, but grossly perverting it?


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