Edward Packard

October 10, 2014

Kurdistan Should Be a Sovereign Nation

Kurds are dominant in northern Iraq, and Kurdish communities exist in Turkey, Syria, and Iran. It would make sense to allow the Kurds to form a sovereign state. This simple truth has been brushed aside by almost everyone because it’s thought that Turkey would adamantly oppose it.  But the establishment of Kurdistan could occur under conditions that would actually increase Turkish secutity. What’s needed is a grand bargain acceptable to the major Kurdish communities, Turkey, Iraq, and the United States and its European partners. It would be desirable but not necessary for Iran to support the bargain. The present government of Syria has forfeited any right to a voice in the matter.

Though not directed at ISIS, this bargain would have the collateral effect of squeezing this malignant entity geographically and reducing tensions among those attempting to stamp it out.

As I see it, the terms of the bargain would be as follows:

1.Kurdistan would be established as a sovereign nation within the predominantly Kurdish portion of Iraq and Syria. Oil assets would be equitably divided between Iraq and Kurdistan;

2. Kurds in Turkey would permanently renounce separation from Turkey;

3, Turkey would guarantee Kurds in Turkey equal rights and privileges to those enjoyed by the most favored Turkish citizens;

4.  Kurdistan would renounce and agree to permanently refrain from encouraging separatist movements by Kurds outside its newly established borders.

5 The United States and its European allies would guarantee the territorial integrity of Kurdistan so long as it is not in default under this agreement.

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