Edward Packard

 September 3, 2015

I'm behind on writing blogs, not that I haven't had a lot of thoughts. Like many people, I'm inundated with news and opinions and feel a sense of ominousness in the air. So much happening. So much to comment on. What a cacaphony of sounds fills the air. Another reason I haven't written a blog lately is that I keep finding that others say what I'd have to say better. But what about my modest-sized group of readers. Are they reading what I'm reading? 

Today, Thursday, September 3rd, I'd like to direct everyone's attention to Roger Cohen's column in The New York Times (digital edition --  I'm not sure if it's in today's print edition). It's titled "Iran is the New Obamacare." Cohen makes it clear –- as have many other informed and wise commentators –-  that supporting the Iran deal, despite its limitations, is wiser than opposing it.

What's most shocking about this controversy is that not a single Republican among the 301 Republican members of Congress supports the deal. Even on this vital matter, Republicans seem gripped by a partisan fixation to a degree that not one of them can think straight.


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