Edward Packard


 May 19, 2015  



     1.  Threat of nuclear proliferation and attack


     2.  Corruption-trending-toward-destruction of American Democracy as a result of:

            a.   unfettered financing of politicians

            b.   gerrymandering of political districts

            c.   legislative impediments to voting 


       3.  Trend toward becoming a plutocratic and quasi-feudal society


       4. Disturbing incidence of greed, dishonesty, posturing, cynicism, and mean-spiritedness


       5.  Declining employment opportunities as a result of ever more automated means of providing goods and services.


        6.  Proliferating military involvements


        7.   Unpreparedness for mega disasters, for example sophisticated state and non-state sponsored terrorist attacks, crippling cyber attacks, massive earthquakes, massive power grid failures, “super bug” epidemics, and regional exhaustion of clean water supplies. 


         8.  Flawed and wasteful health care policy and practices


         9.  Industrial, agricultural, and transportation practices contributing to global warming and pollution of air, water, and soil; degradation of oceans, lakes, and water courses 


        10. Failure to unequivocally repudiate torture and rendition of prisoners and to hold accountable authorizers, practitioners, and abettors. 


         11. Unchecked growth and expansion of activities of security and intelligence gathering agencies


         12.  Deeply flawed  incarceration policies and practices


         13.  Deeply flawed immigration policies and practices

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