Edward Packard

December 17, 2011

Christopher Hitchens

I felt a little sad when I read that the inevitable happened  –– Christopher Hitchens had died. He was a superb writer and astonishingly knowledgeable, though not absolutely trustworthy. He too much delighted in being a polemicist. He was wrong in supporting the Iraq war and wrong in never admitting he’d been wrong. He explained eloquently just how bad –– really bad -–– Saddam Hussein was, but as far as I know he never explained why initiating a war to vanquish this monster was worth the price paid, which was a lot more than a trillion dollars and 4,500 American lives.

Hitchens was right about most things and he was fearless in the positions he took. No one could have argued them better. His death leaves a gap I wish could be filled.

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