Edward Packard

February 23, 2012

Rick Santorum can scarcely open his mouth without saying something that would disqualify him as presidential candidate in the mind of any thinking person. To take one of a myriad of examples, he recently said that environmentalists care more about the planet earth than they do about people. That would be an odd attitude, one held only by those on the opposite end of the crackpot scale from that occupied by Mr. Santorum. To care about the environment is to care about people. The negative health effects of air pollution are not precisely quantifiable, but it’s established that they are tremendous. The same may be said of the degradation of the rivers, lakes, and oceans. The negative effects of global warming are manifest, and will become increasingly so in the years ahead. Mr. Santorum has seven children and may expect to have many grand-children, and even larger numbers of great-grandchildren. One can argue that environmentalists care more about them than he does.

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