Edward Packard

June 8, 2016

In his New York Times op-ed piece today, Thomas Friedman called for the GOP to reconstitute itself and become the responsible conservative political force it once was. Who would accomplish this is a mystery. Trump’s unfitness for public office is spectacularly evident; yet almost all Republican politicians have signed on to his bid for the presidency. And Trump is only the most garishly illuminated ugly Republican. No more than one or two Republican senators, if that, have resisted their leadership’s shameful shirking of Constitutional responsibility to hold hearings on the president’s Supreme Court nominee. Republican senators have acted in concert to block and delay many other judicial, ambassadorial, and other Obama appointees for no legitimate reason. The behavior of Republican members of Congress amounts to an exhibition of intellectual and moral failure. Republican office holders and their backers have undermined American Democracy. By supporting Trump they threaten its continuing existence.

“Seriously,” writes Friedman, “someone please start a New Republican Party!” A superb idea, but plainly not something for which we should hold our breath. Meanwhile, any person of sound mind and character should support Clinton for President and, with few exceptions, all Democratic candidates for public office.

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