Edward Packard

September 8, 2016

The Presidential Election

This will be a tremendously important presidential election. I’m urging everyone I know to vote for Hillary Clinton. Despite her flaws, there remains a gigantic gulf between her and Trump.

American Democracy is on the ropes. Trump would knock it out of the ring, probably permanently. Saving it will require a majority of Supreme Court justices who will (1) void gerrymandering of Congressional Districts, which at present virtually ensures Republican control the House even when a majority of votes are cast for Democrats, (2) end restrictions on voting rights that have the effect of disenfranchising great numbers of citizens likely to vote Democratic, and (3) uphold effective campaign finance laws.

Hillary would appoint such justices. Trump would appoint justices who would extend and tighten the grip of the enemies of liberal democracy, and that’s not the worst threat he poses. His election would mark our passage into a new dark age.

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