Edward Packard

February 8, 2016

     It was sad to read the details of Bill Clinton’s nasty and unfair attack on Bernie Sanders over the weekend. He could have made a strong argument as to why it would be wiser to vote for Hillary than for Bernie, for instance by stressing her superior grasp of world affairs and her long record of supporting progressive causes. He could have praised Bernie’s idealism, but argued that Bernie’s ideas, though very different than Donald Trump’s, are no less pie-in-the-skyie. Instead, he indulged in crude insults and unfair innuendos, bypassed legitimate questions about eye-brow raising speaking fees, and was silent on the most important issues.
    The Clintons seem to share a tragic flaw, an inability to see what it is they do that causes people not to trust them. Hillary takes over $600,000 for three speeches to Goldman Sachs, and, when Bernie suggests that Goldman Sachs must have thought this was a good investment, she calls it a smear. It was not a smear; it was a legitimate point. There were much better answers she could have given to this criticism, but in true Clinton form, she couldn’t see there was a problem. Bill Clinton couldn’t either. In this respect, they’re of one flawed mind.

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