Edward Packard

September 2, 2014

The way to arrest Putin's acquisitiveness, substantially reduce his revenues, curb pollution, slow climate change, and stimulate European and American economies all at once is to sharply reduce European dependence on Russian oil and gas by instituting a carbon tax throughout Europe and the Americas, instituting serious conservation measures, subsidizing alternative energy, and subsidizing the import to Europe of oil and gas from regions other than the Middle East and Russia. Implementation of even a few of these measures would precipitate a substantial drop in the price of oil and gas, which would have a greater negative economic impact on Russia than conventional sanctions.

Could such a sweeping policy change, adopted and adhered to by dozens of nations, actually happen? Not without inspiring leadership on the part of many leaders, but particularly president Obama. He must be inspired and he must be inspiring. Despite his intelligence, experience, and articulateness, he hasn’t been either of these. Awaken, Mr. President!

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