Edward Packard

August 7, 2014

Asked her opinion about the state of the world, former Secretary of State Madeline Albrght replied, "It's a mess." It sure is, and having emotionally exhausted ourselves and blown trillions of dollars on ill-advised wars, and stuck with a non-functional Congress and a president who, despite his good intentions, resembles a well-intentioned ship captain navigating through treacherous waters with an erratic compass and a fouled prop, it sometimes seems that all we can do is muddle along. Let's resist that feeling!

Considering just one of many challenges –– Putin's muscular interference in eastern Ukraine and threat of an outright invasion –– in an op-ed in today's New York Times Ulrich Speck, a scholar at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, makes some sensible non-bellicose suggestions as to steps the West should take to help this beleagured country. These should be instituted at once. Putin is like an aging tiger, just as voracious as a young one, but strong enough only to pick off weak and disabled prey. EU countries and the U.S. should act fast to help Ukraine get into good political and economic shape.

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