Text: © Edward Packard
Illustrations: © Trefny Dix

May 24, 2012

While still in the midst of the Aquila 35-77 star system, our instruments detected an Earth-like planet in the habitable zone of its class G star, Cygnus 8580, which is about 700 light years from our present location and about the same distance from Earth. Traveling at our top cruising speed of 25,000,000 miles per day, it would take us thousands of years to reach the Cygnus 8580 system, but through great good fortune we found a wormhole link that should take us to the vicinity of our target planet, Terra II, by the end of this summer in Earth's northern hemisphre. Disintegration is always a danger when entering a wormhole, but we felt no more than a little shuddering of the hull when we entered this one earlier today.

Our computers are still analyzing data about Terra II collected by our instruments. We hope to be able to report more about conditions on the planet within the next Earth month.



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