Robert Reich: “Trump has threatened to direct Attorney               General William Barr to prosecute his political enemies. At a       rally in Pennsylvania he accused members of the FBI and         Democrats in Congress of “treason” for investigating him and his associates — which was immediately greeted by chants of ‘Lock them up!’

“We cannot become inured to this authoritarian behavior. Dictators and despots twist the rule of law to punish their enemies and suppress opposition. It is up to us to work as hard as we can to remove him — and his enablers — from office in the next election. Together, we must reclaim our democracy.”

We can expect Trump and his enablers to show no restraint in their efforts to convert our country from the world’s greatest democracy to an authoritarian state. It’s entirely likely that Trump would initiate war with Iran as a pretext for claiming emergency powers. Our sweet land of liberty is engaged in a fight for its life.