I’m not sure what the headline for this should be

Earlier this morning:

My website management company installed new software, violating the rule: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Somehow, the headline of yesterday’s blog replaced the listing “Daily Blog” on my home page, and I can’t extract it, so it looks like I’ll have a page devoted to the Democrats having a special duty to be accurate for the indefinite future.

     That’s not altogether bad, because this statement is true not just one day, but every day. Still, I’ve asked the good people managing this business to try to fix it Tuesday. I’m traveling tomorrow –– more about that later ––  and won’t post my next blog until Tuesday, probably still under the heading, “Democrats have a special duty to be accurate.”

Later this morning:

Amazingly (because it’s in the middle of the Labor Day weekend), my website manager just wrote to say she’d fixed this.