A 2020 Congressional Campaign Kicks Off

In my somewhere-between-pink-and-red Congressional District, (Colorado 3rd C.D.), even though she lost decisively in 2018, Democrat Diane Mitsch Bush announced that she would once again challenge the Tea Party stalwart and Trump-enabling Republican incumbent, Scott Tipton, in next year’s Congressional election. 2018 was a strong year for Democrats in Congressional races, a year in which it seemed that Diane had a good chance to flip our district into the Democratic column; yet she lost decisively. She’ll need a new strategy if 2020 isn’t to be a repeat of 2018.

     Tipton’s operatives reacted to the news of Diane’s candidacy with derision. His strategy in 2018 is not likely to change. It’s to incessantly trumpet the Big Lie that Diane is a radical extreme left wing dangerous socialist. There is no basis in truth in this whatsoever, but that’s no deterrent to Tipton. Truth is inconsequential to him. He’s Trumpian through and through.