A Bad Time Watching the Evening News

It was a grim experience watching the evening news yesterday — Chris Hayes on MSNBC: eight million people in Afghanistan are at risk of starvation, and Biden appears to be botching disposition of seven billion dollars of frozen Afghan liquid assets; spreading anarchy and aggressive nihilism evidenced by the Canadian truckers blockades, a movement encouraged by malevolent right-wing extremists on both sides of the border; yet more evidence of the Trump’s profoundly anti-social behavior and imitation and normalization of it by most Republican politicians; the seeming flaccidity of the Justice Department in the face of the pressing need for aggressive investigations and prosecutions of horrific wrongdoings; the structural defects in our Constitution and laws that deeply undermine American democracy; the cultivation of ignorance and mean-spiritedness by right-wing media and politicians; Putin acting like Hitler, enthralled by the phalanxes of super tanks he has massed on three sides of Ukraine. What next? Be resolute and try to be a force for the good whatever happens is my philosophy.