A General Feeling of Disquietude

That’s what I have, and am trying to figure out what’s causing it. I selected the following: the fact that a substantial percentage of Americans are people driven by resentment, are receptive to propaganda and conspiracy theories, have no sense of caring about the common good, and are so numerous that unprincipled politicians and media personnel pander to them, encourage their fantastical thinking, and court their money and their votes; that democracy is being beaten into insensibility, in China and Russia, of course, but is on the ropes even in India, Brazil, and elsewhere, and is at grave peril in our own beleaguered country; the fact that the most reliably cool part of the United States, the Pacific Northwest, is experiencing temperatures in excess of 100 degrees, in some places in excess of 110, providing the clearest sign I’ve seen yet that humanity is headed toward self-extinction. I’m sure there are other elements of my general feeling of disquietude, but I’ve yet to pin them down. I must reflect some more.