A New Low

Our intelligence agencies reported to Trump that Russia was paying the Taliban a bounty for each American soldier they killed. Trump said he was never briefed about it, and that the report was a hoax. He showed no concern about our dead soldiers. He showed no concern about our intelligence agencies.  He showed concern only for getting on with campaign rallies, bands playing, flags flying, bombs bursting in mid-air, jets fighters flying overhead, and statues.

U.S. Ambassador Russian Michael McFaul observed in an online Washington Post column yesterday, “Trump has been subservient to Putin throughout his presidency, but this latest moment of indifference — silence about the killing of American soldiers — marks a new low.”

Republican senators, all but one of whom stood arm to arm to protect Trump from being removed from office, remain silent. They, too, care more about their political futures than about the nation they promised, on their oath, to serve.