A Ray of Hope

Having enacted the “bipartisan” infrastructure bill and with some reasonable hope remaining of enacting a watered down “build back better” bill through “reconciliation” (avoiding a Republican filibuster), and some chance left that recalcitrant Democrat senators Simena and Manchin will agree to carving out an exception to the filibuster so the Freedom to Vote bill can be enacted, ensuring that voting rights and election integrity will be at least fairly well protected, and given the reasonable possibility that the economy will continue to improve and that Covid can be beat back further, there is a significant chance that Democrats will prevail in enough swing jurisdictions next year –– enough to provide a ray of hope that American democracy, decency, and rationality will survive, for at least a few years longer, the assaults of greed, cynicism, and malice Republicans and right-wing extremist media are certain to continue to hurl against them.