A Sign of the Times

We had a stunning political development in Tuesday’s primary elections in our red, but not deep-red, Colorado 3rd Congressional District.

My candidate, Diane MItsch Bush, a capable progressive veteran state legislator, handily won the Democratic primary, but had been given little chance to unseat the heavily-financed five-term Republican incumbent, Scott Tipton, a smooth-talking, unwavering Trump loyalist and faithful follower of the GOP agenda.

It’s a commentary on the transformation of the Republican Party that,¬†despite Tipton’s sterling right-wing voting record, he was deemed too far to the left for a decisive majority of C. D. 3 Republicans, who voted to dump him in favor of Lauren Boebert, a 33-year-old bar owner, from the town of Rifle, with no experience in public service and who appears¬†to be more Trumpian than Trump. Chances that our district would flip from red to blue skyrocketed overnight.