A Study in Contrasts

Before testifying for nine hours behind closed doors to Congressional impeachment investigators,  U. S. former ambassador to the Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch released a public statement that will stand as one of the great documents in the history of the never ending struggle to preserve and invigorate American democracy.                                    

Yovanovitch, a career foreign service officer, was fired by Trump so he and his operatives could proceed unencumbered in their efforts to enlist the new president of Ukraine in fabrications designed to smear Trump’s prime political opponent, Joe Biden, and erase and rewrite the history of Russian interference in the U.S.electoral process.

Yovanovitch’s courage, honorableness, and competence will stand forever in shining contrast to the smarmy, evasive, mendacious, perfidious, greedy comportment and behavior of Trump and his allies.