America’s Civil War between Truth Tellers and Liars

Imagine a scene where a town has plenty of cops, but there’s almost as many robbers, and all the robbers are wearing police uniforms and are just as well armed as the cops. Our country is in similar circumstances. We are presently engaged in a civil war between truths (to give a few examples, though a full list would be much longer: that the last presidential election was fairly won; that the attempted coup on January 6th should be fully investigated and the those participating in it and those involved in instigating it should be criminally prosecuted no matter how lofty a position they hold or held at that time; that it’s important for the common good for everyone to be vaccinated against Covid; and that it’s fundamental to our democracy that obstructions should be removed that make it harder for people to exercise their right to vote) and lies (denying these and other truths and asserting that the opposite is true). In this civil war, speaking with passionate intensity, the liars call themselves truth tellers and call the truth tellers liars. It’s the greatest tragedy this country has endured since the Civil War itself.