Amy Coney Barrett and Religious Dogmatism

It’s evident from her life record and her testimony in the hearings concerning her nomination to the Supreme Court that Judge Barrett is a religious dogmatist. One of the great threats to human civilization is religious dogmatism. The religious convictions of a religious dogmatist override all other considerations, including fidelity to the constitution, the law, and, when they conflict, all norms of human decency. Judge Barrett is not immoral, but her moral compass allows her to say she will be faithful to upholding the Constitution and the law despite her religious convictions, even though she will not. Through an odd combination of circumstances and events, as is so often the case in the unfolding of history, four and possibly five justices presently on the Supreme Court are religious dogmatists. When, as is virtually certain, Judge Barrett is confirmed to the Court, there will be five and possibly six.