Another Red Light Flashing: Danger, Danger.

In a Facebook post yesterday, former Senator Al Franken mocked Mike Pence’s six-minute, rambling, stupid, non-responsive spiel after Trump decided to evade a tough question by turning the mic over to the him.  After Pence’s pathetic performance, Trump directed a zinger at him. Franken predicts that Trump will dump Pence and pick Nikki Haley, a former South Carolina governor and U.S. ambassador to the U.N. to be his running mate.

Would Trump dump his most slavishly loyal supporter over the past three and a half years? You bet. Trump no longer thinks he needs Pence to become president so he can be sure of getting pardoned for his crimes, and Haley is unquestionably a more formidable running mate than the hollow-brained V-P.

If Franken is right –– and I think he is — that’s bad news for Democrats, bad news for America, and bad news for humanity.

If Haley is Trump’s running mate, it will be all the harder to get Trump out of office. All the harder but no less necessary.