Approval Ratings

I read that Biden’s approval rating had dropped to 42%. This is said to bode ill for the Democrats’s chances in the 2022 elections, and it certainly isn’t encouraging. Biden has performed well in some respects and not so well in other respects. Given the extraordinary challenges he’s had, I think on balance he’s done pretty well. I can see how some people would be so disappointed in him that they would say they “don’t approve,” but this approval rating business produces a misleading and contorted statistic, diverting attention from what’s of overriding importance. Biden may be barely better than O.K. on an absolute scale, but he he’s infinitely preferable to Trump, or any Trump emulator, or anyone who acts as if Trump is fit to serve in public office, which includes almost every Republican. What’s of ultimate importance is that Biden is a highly experienced honorable man who wants to preserve our democracy. I approve of that 100%.