Bad News; Then More.

It was a painful experience watching Chris Hayes’s excellent news show last evening on MSNBC: Congressional Republicans are obeying Trump, who is obeying Putin in blocking aid to Ukraine — the hell with defending democracy and the Western Alliance. Putin, of course, will do whatever he can to help Trump return to the White House. And, if Trump regains power, he will do whatever he can to accommodate Putin. Meanwhile, Biden has been unable to keep Netanyahu from administering mass death and destruction on the hapless residents of Gaza. Apart from the appalling human tragedy this entails, it hurts Biden politically. If it continues, it could be the fatal blow to his election campaign; whereas it helps Netanyahu to keep the war in process, putting off the day when he will be ousted from office and possibly prosecuted for corruption and gross negligence.

That wasn’t all the bad news Chris Hayes served up. But let’s stop a moment to ask, “Was there any good news? Yes, sort of. Democrats have a chance of picking up the Congressional seat vacated by that mishap of a human being, George Santos.