Former attorney general William Holder: ”Last month, at a Federalist Society event,  the attorney general delivered an ode to essentially unbridled executive power, dismissing the authority of the legislative and judicial branches — and the checks and balances at the heart of America’s constitutional order.”

Barr bears no resemblance to a normal attorney general. He acts as he if he is Trump’s literate mouthpiece, speaking far more eloquently, through no less dishonestly and malevolently, than Trump.  

Most progressives regard Barr as a Trump toady, another person in a high position who has jettisoned whatever moral scruples he might have to gain favor with Trump and the support of the Trump base. I don’t think think Barr is a Trump toady. I think he would be more accurately described as an ultra conservative (meaning ultra radical) perverted-Christian, in his case Catholic (in contrast to an authentic Catholic Christian like Nancy Pelosi), authoritarian obsessed with secular liberal trends and willing to do whatever it takes to convert the United States from a liberal democracy to a theologically grounded authoritarian state. Barr doesn’t consider Trump to be his leader. He sees Trump as a useful tool in his effort to reshape our country into the mold he craves. Ted Cruz and Mike Pompeo have similar mindsets. To the extent people like this have power, they present a grave danger to our country.