Barr and American Democracy

Recent Headlines:

Washington Post: “Four ways William Barr is already subverting the 2020 elections”

New York Times:  “Inside Barr’s Effort to Undermine Prosecutors in New York”

Next to Trump, Attorney General William Barr is the most dangerous person in the United States. He is not a slavish Trump toady, like Mike Pence, for example. He is a strong-minded religious nationalist with a pathological attraction to  authoritarian rule. Like Trump, he should be impeached, convicted in a trial in the senate, and removed from office. This would happen were the senate not controlled by Republicans who have lost their moral compass and ignored their solemn duties in the course of pursuing personal political, economic, and idealogical agendas.

American Democracy is and will remain in the intensive care unit until Inauguration day, January 20, 2021, whereupon it will be either be pronounced dead or need to enter a long period  of rehab.