Baseball and Democracy

This past week, the organization that runs major league baseball moved the All Star Game from Georgia in a stunning rebuke of the GOP-controlled government of that state for enacting election laws designed to make it harder for people likely to vote Democratic to cast their ballots, and, worse than that, to permit GOP officials to overturn local election results not to their liking, a brazen attempt to convert democracy into one-party authoritarian rule. Georgia-based Delta Airlines and Coca Cola also, though belatedly, criticized the new laws. 

That large conservative-minded organizations find voter repression laws on this scale sufficiently repellant to speak out about them should be instructive to Democratic senators who have been reluctant to reform the senate filibuster rule that threatens to prevent Congress from nullifying such grossly anti-democratic legislation.

With regard to the issue of voting rights protection, the contest between Democrats and Republicans is not the classic one between differing shades of political philosophies, it’s one between the good guys and the bad guys.