Belief and Truth

In conversation with my barber yesterday, I alluded to Russian interference on behalf of Trump in the 2016 election. “Do you believe that?” she asked, revealing that she is one of the tens of millions of Americans living in the right-wing, Trump supporting, alternative facts bubble. She was unaware that a grand jury had indicted 12 Russians on just such charges, that U.S. intelligence communities were unanimous that this was the case, that the Republican-controlled Senate Intelligence Committee had reached just a conclusion, and that more than a 1,000 former Republican and Democratic Federal prosecutors had signed a public letter stating that the facts laid out in the Mueller Report were sufficient to support indictment of Trump for obstruction of justice, which he was exempt from only by virtue of still being in office.

I didn’t attempt to get all this across during the course of my haircut, but we reached enthusiastic agreement that everyone should know the truth.