Bernie Sanders

It’s a little spooky how many people have entered the race for the Democratic presidential nomination. Bernie Sanders’s candidacy in 2016 was exciting. This time it’s not. Like so many politicians, Sanders is unrestrainedly ambitious. He can’t understand that he’s too old; that it’s time for a younger fresher person to head the ticket. 

For anyone who has high moral character –– and I have no doubt that Sanders qualifies in that respect –- being president of the United States is a tremendously demanding job. Sanders has tremendous energy, but I wonder if he could keep from running out of steam during a term lasting into his mid-eighties. A second term would seem out of the question for someone his age in 2024. I’m in general agreement with his progressive agenda, but, as was the case in 2016, it’s not adequately researched. I don’t think he adequately connects the fiscal and tax policy dots. I hope someone who is more pragmatic as well as progressive wins the nomination.

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