Joe Biden must know by now that he’s famous for making gaffes. It’s become evident that he has no ability to stop himself. The other day he reacted defensively after being called out for cluelessly reminiscing about how well he got along with two notorious, racist, ante bellum variety, now long-deceased senators, James Eastland and Herman Talmadge, from Mississippi and Georgia respectively. Shockingly revealing about this incident was that Biden bragged that Eastland called him “son,” and never called him “boy.” “Boy” is, of course the sneering epithet raists like Eastland directed at African American males. 

     Responding to criticism, Biden asserted that he hasn’t a racist bone in his body. I believe he doesn’t, but he does have some defective neurons in his body. If he becomes the Democratic nominee, I will unreservedly support him, but I hope he doesn’t.