Biden’s “You ain’t black” Gaffe

Biden is just about the most seasoned politician in America. Where are his political instincts? Why don’t they kick in when the thought of saying if you’re a Trump supporter “you ain’t black”? I know why that utterance occurred to him, but I don’t know why he hasn’t developed a monitor in his brain that warns him in time that this would be a self-destructive thing to say.

If there wasn’t sufficient reason for Biden to pick a black running mate before –– and I think there was ––  there is now. In my opinion Kamala Harris should be the one. And if she is, Stacey Abrams and a lot of other people should be relentless in getting the point across, particularly to black women voters, that they can help America set on a path to having a black woman president, and not have to wait that long for it to happen.