Big Money and Politics

The theory of democracy is one person equals one vote, but very rich people have such power that, as a practical matter, depending on the particular circumstances and the effectiveness on its use, a million dollars poured into political projects can equal perhaps 500 votes, and a billion dollars perhaps 500,000 votes. 

      The very rich overwhelming vote for, and financially support, politicians who promote the interests of the very rich. These very rich people had to reinvest only a tiny portion of the their windfall savings from the Trumpian tax cut primarily for the rich and especially for the very rich and even more so for the super very rich to ensure the continued subservience of targeted politicians.

     Maybe we can break through this. Maybe politicians who favor sane, pragmatic, fiscally responsible policies to reduce income inequality and provide greater opportunities for lower income people will be elected in sufficient numbers to gain control of legislative bodies. Maybe our country can be set on a better course.