Blog Writing Notes

From time to time when I’m reading news items or opinion pieces, I’ll come across something that gives me an idea for writing a blog for the next day. I don’t follow up on most of them. Today, instead of picking a subject to write about, I’ll mention a few recent stories that caught my eye:

Law professor Zephyr Teachout says that teenagers spend over seven hours looking at screen every day. That doesn’t sound good. I’d like to see breakdown of how this time is divided up.

Prince Charles (now Kind Charles III) used tax breaks, offshore accounts, etc. to get even richer. These royals don’t seem to be worth idolizing. Indeed, they should be heavily taxed.

Florida Governor DeSantis chartered a plane to send migrant refugees to Martha’s Vineyard (a resort island off the coast of Massachusetts). Texas Governor Abbott sent migrants to Vice-President Harris’s home. “How low can they sink?” New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd rightly asks.

Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard is donating Patagonia, his three billion dollar company, to a trust dedicated to preserving the environment and and fighting climate change. Here’s a case of an exceptional billionaire, one devoted to the public good.