Bottom Feeders

Gregg Abbott, the Republican governor of Texas, quickly acceded to disgraced former president Trump’s demand that Texas conduct an Arizona style sham audit of the Texas vote count in the 2020 presidential election even though in that election Trump won the state of Texas by a sizable margin. Of course, it’s not the result of the election Trump is questioning, it’s the electoral process itself. He is trying to inculcate in the public’s mind that elections are fraudulent by nature, which is why it would be justifiable for state officials and members of Congress to refuse to recognize presidential election results if a Democrat wins the most electoral votes in 2024. That people like Abbott and Florida governor Ron DeSantis are eager to do Trump’s bidding, regardless of how destructive and irrational an act it requires, is a marker of the base moral plane such people live on, a foul expanse inhabited by most Republican politicians and right wing media personalities.