Brazenness in the Extreme

The public announcements of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee Lindsay Graham that they have no intention of conducting a constitutionally mandated trial of Trump is shocking. Contrary to their obligations under the Constitution, they have admitted, in fact bragged, that instead of acting as fair-minded jurors and examining the facts relating to Trump’s multiple impeachable offenses, they will work to bring about his acquittal as quickly as possible; in short, they have said that they will act as members of Trump’s defense team.

     That Republican senators would countenance Trump’s corrupt and criminal behavior is shocking. That they would abandon any pretense of examining the facts and searching for the truth is an example of brazenness in the extreme. It exposes their larger intention, which is nothing less than to bring about the transition of our country from a constitutional democracy to a republic controlled permanently by one party, free of constitutional restraints. Trump is old and inept. They don’t see him remaining long as a quasi king. He is useful to them because of his demagogic gifts. They see him as a convenient instrument they can use to effect the destruction of American democracy.