Call for a Progressive Agenda

I hope that Bernie Sanders will delay no longer in dropping out of the presidential race and that he will throw his full support to Joe Biden. This is the only responsible thing for him to do, because defeating Trump in November eclipses all other considerations. I also hope that if Biden becomes president, he will press for a more progressive agenda than the Democratic Party and recent Democratic presidents (Barrack Obama and Bill Clinton) have espoused. 

I can’t enlarge on that here; suffice to quote a recent comment of Rober Reich: “The biggest U.S. airlines spent 96 percent of free cash flow over the last decade to buy back shares of their own stock in order to boost executive bonuses and please wealthy investors. American Airlines alone repurchased more than $12.5 billion of its shares over the last ten years. Now, they expect taxpayers to bail them out to the tune of $54 billion.

The system has been tilted to benefit big corporations and rich people. I believe the system should be tilted in the opposite direction.