Can Democrats Pass Voting Rights Legislation?

Senator Amy Klobuchar explained why she and other Democrats say they are confident that they can get voting rights protection legislation passed despite unanimous Republican intransigence and lack of enough votes of senate Democrats to break the filibuster, which would permit the relevant bills to pass by a simple majority. Klobuchar explained that Democrats can bring the voting rights bills to the floor of the senate for full debate. Republican senators, who uniformly oppose voting rights protection, will argue against them. Since all such arguments are absurd on their face, the Republicans’s true motive –– establishment of white supremacist anti-democratic one party rule –– will be glaringly exposed to public view. Some Republicans will thereupon give way and vote for passage of the bills; or Democrats opposed to reforming the filibuster will gain enough political cover to dare to reverse their opposition to filibuster reform, enabling voting rights bills to pass by a simple majority. 

It’s a pretty picture, and it’s essential that it happens, but it still looks like long shot to me.