Case Study of a Journalistic Failure

I’m among those that believe that local and regional newspapers run by people who are committed to principles of competent, honest, and objective journalism are vital to the healthy workings of a democracy. The internet has subjected most such newspapers to severe financial pressure, generating fear of alienating significant portions of their readership, being called a liberal mouthpiece or a right-wing propagandist and losing subscribers and advertisers as a result.

My local paper is in this position, and I think it has adversely affected the quality of their editorials, which lately have avoided taking a clear-headed, principled stance on important issues. It was dispiriting this morning to read its endorsement for the Congressional Democratic primary race of a distinctly unpromising candidate because he “would be less partisan and able to provide some of the collaboration Congress requires.” The editors evidently thought it would be too risky to endorse his opponent. the capable, progressive, principled representative our district and Congress needs.