Cause for Worry

Elizabeth Warren has put forth a revolutionary budget and tax reform plan. If implemented, it would probably be a huge improvement over the present regime, but transitioning from here to there is the stuff of nightmares. Given the composition of Congress after the election, even in the best case scenario for Democrats, few, if any, of Warren’s measures could ever become law. Chaos is much more likely. Worse, chaos is exactly what Republicans will predict will happen if Warren becomes president, and for once they may have a persuasive argument. I had seen Warren as a hope. At this point she may be more of a threat.                                                                                                                       

The Biden and Sanders candidacies are rift with problems. A cloud hangs over each of the front-runners. If only Amy Klobuchar could pull ahead. I think she is the most electable of the bunch, but she’s only polling 4%,  It’s a cause for worry.