Climate Change Initiatives and Destiny


It’s heartening and commendable that president Biden has pledged to reduce U.S. carbon emission 50% by 2030. If every country could do that, humanity might have a chance of saving itself from self-extinction. But in our fractured polity how can the Biden Administration get the measures enacted to pursue that goal? 

Meanwhile, China says it will achieve net zero emissions by 2060, but that its emissions will keep rising until 2030. Is there any reason to have confidence in what the present ruler of China says will be achieved 39 years from now? Then there’s India, soon to be the world’s most populous country, whose Covid situation, among other problems, is out of control. And Russia, run by an old-fashioned ruthless tyrant, whose main revenue comes from fossil fuels. And Africa, whose energy needs are likely to grow exponentially in the coming years. I wonder whether at some point, perhaps fairly soon, world leaders and experts will acknowledge that human destiny is to destroy itself. I’m just wondering, not predicting.