Concerning Trump’s Designation of His Florida Doral Resort as the Venue for the G-7 Meeting next June. 

One might think that, fearful of losing the 2020 election and thereupon losing his immunity from federal criminal prosecution, Trump might suspend some of his most conspicuous continuing infractions of the Constitution. One might think that between now and the election, he might want to try to project an image of someone less despicable and conspicuously unfit to serve as president of the United States. One might think that for this relatively brief period he would want to try to affect being an honorable public servant. One might think so, but there is no likelihood that this will will happen. Thuggishness infuses Trump’s psyche. There’s little else to it. He is incapable of imagining what it would be like not to be a thug and therefore lacks the ability to pretend he isn’t one.