Concerning Trump’s Health

Trump’s doctor’s seemingly reassuring comment about the implications of his recent two-hour stay at Walter Reed Hospital was significant for its omissions. Trump is elderly and obese, and has been under increasing stress lately, which is likely to increase even further during the months ahead. As Jennifer Rubin noted in a Washington Post column yesterday, it would be a good thing for everyone, including Trump himself, if he bowed out and let Pence take over. 

Trump could probably be prosecuted successfully for multiple crimes, but if he would do us “a favor though” by admitting to having health problems and agreeing to return to his towers and golf courses, I can imagine a quid pro quo of limiting his prosecution and punishment for criminal acts to a thorough accounting of his invidious behavior in future history books.

Admittedly, Pence shows every capability of becoming the second worst president in history, but if there’s even only a scintilla of rationality in the world, the Dems should be able to oust him, or Nikki Haley, if the Republicans decide to go with her, in the 2020 election.