Conservatism Defiled

The prominent “conservative” organization, C-Pac, has invited Trump to speak at their annual gathering. Trump can be expected to reiterate his big lie that the election was stolen from him. The C-Pac attendees can be expected to cheer.             

In her Washington Post column this morning, Jennifer Rubin quotes longtime impeccably conservative William Kristol: “Real, existing conservatism as it exists in America in 2020 is an accomplice to, an apologist for, and an enabler of Trump’s nativist, populist, unconservative, and illiberal authoritarianism.”

Unconservative conservatives dominate the Republican Party. They can not be accommodated. They need to be shunned, exposed, and voted out of office. As Rubin comments: “A right-wing, populist and authoritarian party should not be allowed to hold power. It has proved to be dangerous, racist and fundamentally un-American.”