Criminals in Elective Office

I read that the Governor of Texas ordered that ballot drop-off boxes must be limited to one per county, and the Texas government and legislature decreed that photo I.D.s required for voting would not be deemed adequate if they have been issued by State or local governmental agencies in Texas, but that a card showing that the applicant is a gun owner would would suffice. These measures amount to rank acts of voter suppression, clearly tilted to decrease the number of eligible voters likely to vote Democratic far more than those likely to vote Republican. Such requirements are indefensible. Since they are designed to deprive individuals of basic rights and to contravene the Constitution and the laws establishing the principle of universal suffrage, they are criminal acts, and the elected officials imposing them are criminals.

Of course, Texas is not the only state where this sort of thing is happening. That voter suppression of this sort has become standard practice for Republican-controlled state governments and has become tolerated by the majority of justices of the Supreme Court is one of the tragedies of our time.