Critical Race Theory and Reactions To It.

As I understand it, critical race theory (CRT) is the theory that there has always been a systemic discrimination in the U.S. against people of color that puts them and keeps them at a disadvantage. If you are teaching critical race theory, I suppose you would discuss specific examples in American history that illustrate why you believe critical race theory is true.

A lot of people feel that students exposed to critical race theory and historical examples supporting it may feel uncomfortable and ashamed that they belong to the white race. Some Republican-controlled states have passed laws aimed at restricting not only the teaching of critical race theory, but even teaching about historical facts that could be marshaled to support critical race theory.

News Lead: “The provisions in 13 states are vague, and tip lines allow parents to report on instructors who violate them. As a result, teachers and principals around the country report a chilling effect, where they are changing what they say in the classroom.”

It appears that, under some of these laws, a teacher of American history could be held criminally or civilly liable or be fired for discussing the prevalence of lynching of black people during certain times and in certain regions of the United States even if no mention is made of “critical race theory.” Are teachers not allowed to discuss the phenomenon of critical race theory?

Such laws are a pox upon our country and apparently a sign of the times.