Daily Blog Resumes

I’m happy to be resuming my daily blog today. For a long time I’ve been impressed by how some people I know keep a journal and make regular entries. It’s a practice that establishes a historical record and helps one organize one’s thoughts: A vague notion that’s floating around in your mind may become more coherent when you put it in writing. I’m posting a daily blog partly to sharpen my thinking and partly with the hope that readers will find some of my observations to be informative.

Since I last wrote in this space, I’ve slightly revised my essay “The View from Ninety,” which can be accessed from the home page of this webiste. As is appropriate, I’ve retitled it “The View from Ninety-Two.”

In the months ahead, I’ll probably be commenting most often on political developments if only because they are having such an outsized impact on our lives, but I hope to intersperse these pages more frequently than I have in the past with observations on other topics, including personal experiences and books I’m reading.