Democratic Candidates

Yesterday’s Washington Post 2020 Pundit Power Poll top seven ranking:

  • Biden
  • Sanders
  • Harris
  • Warren
  • Buttigieg
  • Booker and Klobuchar (tied) 

Biden has a big lead.  As for Sanders, as I have written before, it would be best if he would drop out, but there’s no chance of that before the primaries. Harris is consistently strong, and a Biden-Harris ticket might be an effective combination. Warren, with her energy, passion, and a whole slew of policy ideas, will invigorate the debate, and she has a shot at heading it. Buttigieg is impressive and no doubt has a great future, but I think his entry into the presidential race is premature.  If he could win a state-wide election in Indiana, he’d be strong contender to be on the Democratic ticket in the following presidential election. Klobuchar is an attractive candidate and on my short list for the ticket. Cory Booker is a good man, but doesn’t quite make it in my opinion. And I think O’Rourke needs more seasoning.  He would perform a greater service to the nation by withdrawing and running for the Senate against the Republican incumbent in Texas.