Descending through Kansas and Missouri; Checking up on the News.

Kansas is the tilted state. It slopes downward from Colorado to Missouri, losing about 3,000 feet of altitude from its west to its east boundary. The terrain continues to slope west to east through Missouri, though much more gently, until by the time you reach St. Louis, and the Mississippi River, you’re only about 450 feet above sea level, and summer sultriness has set in by late May.

Sara and I are staying here a couple of nights, visiting her relatives. Time to catch up on news. Let’s see — a poll says that 53% of Republicans think Trump is the true president. Another segment of Republicans think Trump isn’t the true president but that the election was stolen from him. As Jennifer Rubin wrote in a Washington Post column this morning, “There is no way to ‘understand’ MAGA voters . . . They are beyond the bounds of rational political debate.”