Encouraging Developments

For those who have been following news developments closely and hope that American democracy will be preserved and strengthened rather than shoveled into the dust bin of history during the next few years, it’s bracing to read of developments that increase the probability that, rather than be proved to be “above the law,” Trump will be proved guilty of some of the crimes he almost certainly has committed.

Perhaps the most probable prosecution and conviction of Trump will ensue from the criminal investigation of the attempt to divert Georgia’s electoral votes in the 2020 presidential election from Biden to Trump, even though Biden won the popular vote in that state. The case appears to be a strong one for the prosecution, and not just on a single count. Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin notes that
the “charges could include criminal solicitation to commit election fraud, interference with an official’s performance of his duties, conspiracy to commit election fraud, and violation of the state’s racketeering statute.”