Ending Russia’s War on Ukraine

For a number of reasons, which I won’t attempt to itemize here, it would be highly desirable to end Russia’s war against Ukraine— the sooner the better. It’s up to Ukraine to decide what terms they would agree to, but Ukraine’s Western allies should have a strong voice in the matter — the assistance they have rightly been providing Ukraine has enabled Ukraine to withstand Russia’s assault and keep it from being totally conquered.

I would favor a settlement pursuant to which, among other provisions, Ukraine cedes to to Russia all territory now under Russian control and agrees not to join NATO, subject to Russia agreeing to and compliance with all of the following: a) immediate cessation of hostilities; b) immediate repatriation of all prisoners; c) renunciation of all further territorial claims with respect to Ukraine; d) recognition of Ukraine’s unrestricted sovereignty; e) renunciation of any objection to NATO’s pledge to come to Ukraine’s defense as if Ukraine were a member of NATO if it is attacked by Russia or any Russian surrogate; f) Sweden and Finland becoming members of NATO; g) all impediments to production and distribution of Ukraine’s agricultural and other output are removed; h) Russia renounces any further territorial ambitions against any European country, including, without limitation, Moldova and any member of NATO.