Excerpts from How to Steal an Election – a Guide for Aspiring Autocrats Who Get to Be President of the United States.

from Chapter 27 –– “Manipulating Mail-In Voting”:

“IMPORTANT. This is one of the most important chapters in this book. Have someone explain it to you if you’re not good at reading . . .   Appoint a Postmaster General who will slow mail delivery selectively as needed . . . In battleground states like Michigan, even if the mail volume is extraordinarily heavy because of a pandemic, get friendly judges to rule that mail-in ballots can’t be counted if received after election day, even if they were postmarked by or before election day. . .   Get your postmaster general to slow mail delivery in areas like Detroit, where most votes are likely to be for your opponent. . . . This should enable you to win in that state, but, in case you lose anyway, have your press release and tweets ready claiming mail fraud and legal briefs ready to file in court demanding that the election results be nullified because of massive fraud by agents of your opponent and ‘the deep state’.”