Goodness Versus the Authoritarians

There seems to be a dangerously low level of appreciation in this country that, with very few exceptions, the Republican Party has become the authoritarian party. If Republicans gain control of Congress in this November’s elections, American democracy will fade away. If that sounds like an extremist prediction, consider that 121 Republican members of the House of Representatives voted against certifying President Biden’s election and 70% of Republicans believe or claim to believe Trump’s big lie that the 2020 presidential election was stolen, and there’s a lot more to be said about the Republican’s assault on democracy besides that.

We’re living in a time of extreme peril to American democracy, but most Democratcs and members of the media are sleepwalking through it. My Congressional district representative, Lauren Boebert, is one of the most extreme right-wing, MAGA cultist, and it’s fair to say, absolutely whacko, members of Congress; yet from the website of Sol Sandoval, the leading candidate for the Democratic nomination to oppose Boebert, one would think we’re living in ordinary times. Sandoval’s website reveals that she has worthy views on “education,” “jobs and economic opportunities,” “wildfires and preservation,” “healthcare,” and “immigration.” She’s silent on everything else. Sandoval is evidently a good person. I’m a big advocate of goodness, but it’s not enough.